Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Destination Idea - Arkansas

Arkansas?!? you say?
Actually, one day, we got a cheap weekend fare to Little Rock through specials and I thought the same thing...Arkansas?!? I do like to check things out myself and give things and people for that matter a shot. I just might like it, or at least know there will be something about a place or person that I will like. That is what adventure is all about. Looking for the nugget of fun. After going, man, what a relaxing, beautiful, fun place to go! I will always have a special place in for Arkansas in my heart.
We flew in early on a Saturday morning, and just checked out the cute town of Little Rock. We shopped at the little craft fair that is open on the weekends and checked out the cute, oldest part of town across the river. I even got to see the duck parade in the Peabody hotel - what a fun show!
We ended up staying in a gorgeous cabin on Lake Ouachita with a hot tub in the back! I will always remember the beautiful sunset over the lake surrounded by the woods.
The next day we shopped along the streets of Hot Springs and had a super hot, relaxing bath at one of the old bath houses from the natural springs in the area. I think that is when I knew I really like Arkansas! We even got to take a leisurely walk around the beautiful botanical gardens there (I snagged a peacock feather from one of the peacocks there that I use for table decorations), tried some good pork bbq, and checked out the smoky casino.
The next morning came early as we had booked a fishing trip with a superb guide on the lake. I absolutely love fishing, and even more...catching. I like fishing for a few reasons: so peaceful there on a calm lake; relaxing; can chat a bit with good company; you can just be in nature without being "in" nature; and if you get lucky you hook something and your adrenalin kicks in for a bit - plus I like to eat yummy fish. That trip snagged a nice sized big mouth bass, and we called it a day and flew home. Most places I say we have to come back, but seldom do because there are too many other places to see, but I know I will come back to Arkansas - my hot springs cool lake oasis.

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