Saturday, May 30, 2015

Destination Idea- Los Cabos San Lucas

Cabo is an absolutely relaxing fun gorgeous place to "get away". There are many all inclusive safe and fun places to choose from that give you a beautiful ocean view with many pina coladas and my most recently discovered drink the "dirty monkey" (banana,  creme liquor, rum, and chocolate).

Here was my daily routine this go around. ...
Wake up early, swim laps (no one else is out there! )
eat breakfast looking out over ocean and the magnificent rocks
Scope out perfect lay out spot  (note:be prepared to pay $25 for suntan lotion at the resort)
Pool bar opens at 10.
Obtain perfect pina colada.
Make dinner reservations.
Layout and dip in pool.
Reapply and lay out (don't forget good book)
Get ready for dinner
Show time!
Perfect get away for relaxation!

If you get the urge for some activity here are my suggestions:
Sunset cruise
Deep sea fishing (restaurant at harbor will cook what you catch! )
Tequila tasting
And if you are brave and had too much tequilla... a swim in the ocean.

You see the ocean there is absolutely gorgeous and the temperature of the water is perfect. It is very tempting but it also has a rough undertow and monster waves that come out of nowhere.
I'm very capable swimmer in fact I swam before I walked and have swam my whole life. Since the water was so tempting I decided to go out and it seemed pretty calm. The lifeguard then started blowing his whistle and we promptly told him that I was a very capable swimmer. He then started blowing his whistle like crazy and pointing behind us. I turned around and just saw a wall of teal water I couldn't even see the top! A bunch of explicit things came out of my mouth that I have never said before and I turned around and started swimming as hard as I could to try to ride it in. As the monster wave pulled my upper body to the beach I
 suddenly felt the rest of my body pulled in the opposite direction.  I then was caught in a mess of sand and water with every limb pulled in every direction.  I felt as of were in a washing machine and had no idea which way was up.  I tried staying still for a bit too reorient myself but the violence was too great.  I didn't even realize that the lifeguard had grabbed my arm until he had pulled me out of the sand and water vortex.  He was at a dead run dragging me along the sand so that the next wave didn't pull is both back in.  I seemingly reached down and found that I was still wearing my bottoms to my suprise. After coughing up sand and water and washing out about 5 lbs of course cabo sand from my bikini, ears, and nose,  I made it back to the pool chair. I was promptly given a pina colada and didn't move for an hour. There wasn't a wave that big for the remainder of the trip. That evening I met a couple that said they just talked to another couple who saw a massive wave completely take out a lady and a lifeguard had to save her.  I told them that it sounded just horrible.  :^/  and searched for myself on utube that night!

In short,  no matter how good of a swimmer you are,  cabo waves are definitely like a wild animal or a box of chocolates...whichever relates to you better.
Three days later I was still getting sand out of my ears. ... guess i wanted to take a bit of cabo with me!

Unless you go for a swim in the beach, Cabo is an ideal place to relax and escape every day life!

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