Saturday, May 30, 2015

things airports should consider. ...

1. Bathoom stall doors that swing out not into the stall or better yet, doors that slide/collapse into themselves.
2. Conveyor belts for your things to go through xray and better yet a return bin conveyor belt that returns the bins.
3. Bootie socks when you remove shoes to go through security and hand sanitizers after.
4. Switch terminal attendants and gate attendants to have part of thier income as tips...better yet each customer after they have been "helped" pushes a green or red button. Three red buttons and they are dismissed without pay that day!
5. A line up of tsa employees that you can pick from if you are chosen for a pat down.
6. Reminder signs to not throw away your custom and declaration forms in the bathroom trash after customs because you need them for declaration! Our else you will be asked to go to the detain and search area! !! (Not really speaking from personal experience?)
7. Wifi downloadable books and movies in airport.
8. You get a warm cookie and chocolate milk if your flight gets delayed. ... that makes everyone feel better.
9. Mini arcade in airport that takes all currancies.
10. Allow artists to come and paint portraits of people waiting.

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